Rug Restoration

Rescue your Rug from Fading Beauty

As a natural aging process of all fine area rugs, color fading and damage leave your precious piece looking lusterless and over worn. Without proper attention or care, color fading and damage can lead to serious tears and irreparable issues. However, with professional rug restoration services in NYC from ABC Rug Repair and Cleaning, you can save your rug from permanent harm and restore its original, beautiful luster.

Traditional Dye Techniques

At ABC Rug Repair and Cleaning we use an all natural process to restore the overall color and natural shine of your fine area rug. Following in the traditions of skilled rug weavers, our experienced technicians only use vegetable-based color dyes during the rug restoration treatment.

Our vegetable dyes match the original colors of your rugs exactly and provide you with a complete rug restoration. They do not harm the quality of the fibers as they gently absorb into your piece.

Tender, Careful Restoration Process

We begin your color restoration with a thorough cleaning to remove stains and dirt. After the rug dries completely in our climate controlled drying room, we apply the dyes to your rug.

For damages caused by floods and other water emergencies, we have you covered. We also offer a complete water damage restoration for your fine area rug. Click here to learn more.

Before we return the rug to you, we do a final inspection to insure a complete color restoration. When we finish our rug restoration service NYC, your rug will look and feel like new again.

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