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Rug Care Tips

A fine Oriental, Persian or contemporary rug can enhance your home d?cor for many years if it is well cared for. Vacuuming your rug at least twice weekly will keep dirt from working its way deep into the rug's fibers, where it can cause serious damage.

Check your rug periodically for signs of damage from insects such as carpet beetles and moths. Be alert for any tears or damage from pet claws as well. If you detect any of these problems, do not let them go unattended, but seek professional care to keep the problem from worsening and requiring extensive repairs.

Never use harsh chemicals to spot clean your rug. Store-bought cleaning products can cause damage to your rug's coloring and fibers. Also, never use bleach to clean the fringe of your rug as it can harm the fringe and cause it to deteriorate.

Be sure that your professional carpet cleaners use only organic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions?especially if you have children or pets, who are more likely to spend time on the rug.

How to Handle Spills

Blot the spill immediately with an absorbent cloth. Do not rub. Apply a small amount of club soda to the spot and blot repeatedly until the spill is no longer visible. Elevate the area and allow it to dry completely before placing it back on the floor. If a visible stain remains, the rug will probably require professional cleaning.

Rug Padding

Invest in a good rug pad to protect your rug and extend its life. Placing a rug directly on the floor can leave it vulnerable to insects, mildew and mold. A rug pad creates a protective barrier between the floor and it also creates a cushion that reduces the impact of shoes and furniture legs.


One of the most effective things you can do to prolong the life of your rug is have it treated with a protective Scotchguard finish. This will keep spills from causing indelible damage to your valuable rug. It will also keep dirt from clinging to the rug's fibers and allow it to be easily picked up by a vacuum. Less dirt embedded in the rug means less damage to delicate fibers and longer life for your rug. Be sure to ask about the option of Scotchguard protection when you have your rug cleaned.

Hope for Older Rugs

Even very old rugs that have extensive wear and damage can be restored to their former beauty. Each antique rug is a unique work of art that deserves to be preserved through many generations. With expert cleaning and professional restoration, most old rugs?even those that may seem beyond repair to their owners - can be repaired and preserved.

Before you take the drastic step of throwing out your old rug, have the antique rug repair experts at ABC Rug Cleaning & Repair examine your heirloom rug for the possibility of restoration. You may be astounded at the results these skilled craftsmen can achieve.

How to Choose a Professional Rug Cleaner

Especially when sending your expensive Oriental, antique or heirloom rug to be professionally cleaned or repaired, you want to choose professionals with a reputation for excellence.

What type of rug cleaning facilities does the company operate? A good rug cleaner will have the proper equipment for cleaning antique rugs and a separate, climate controlled drying room, where the temperature is maintained above 115 degrees to prevent the growth of mildew.

Inquire about the cleaning solutions the company uses. A mild, organic cleanser formulated especially for fine rugs is preferable, both for the rug and for a healthy home environment.

The cleaning solution used for wool rugs should have a Ph level no higher than 8.5. When the cleaning process is complete, your wool rug's Ph level should be at 7, which is the natural Ph level for wool.

Ask if the company offers a guarantee of satisfaction. A comprehensive customer satisfaction guarantee is a good indication that you can confidently leave your treasured rugs with the company for cleaning, repair or restoration.

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