Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have carpet cleaners clean my rugs too?

No. The process for cleaning rugs is completely different from the carpet cleaning process. Rugs require specialized care and should always be cleaned in a rug cleaning facility where they can be properly cleaned and dried.

Q. How can I keep my rug in peak condition?

Vacuum your rug at least twice a week and rotate it end to end every few months for more even wear. Have your rug professionally cleaned as needed. Place casters under furniture legs and avoid walking on the rug with shoes.

Q. How often should I have my rug cleaned?

The EPA recommends having rugs cleaned at least every year to keep allergens at a minimum. Your rug may need more frequent cleaning if it is subject to a lot of foot traffic. If you fold back a corner of the rug and can see dirt at the base of the pile, that's a good sign your rug is ready for a deep cleaning. Also, if rubbing your hand vigorously on the rug's surface leaves visible dirt on your hand, the rug is due for a cleaning.

Q. Can I use powdered carpet deodorizers on my rug?

That is not advisable. These products are not a substitute for professional cleaning. They can leave a white talc residue on the rug's fibers, which is difficult to remove and can actually be harmful to your rug. The best way to keep rugs clean and fresh between professional cleanings is by regular vacuuming.

Q. Does my machine-made area rug require professional rug cleaning?

Many machine-made rugs are of high quality and can also be quite an investment. Professional cleaning at a rug cleaning facility will remove deeply embedded dirt that cannot be extracted by vacuuming or surface cleaning and will prolong the life of your machine-made rug.

Q. Do you use chemicals to clean rugs?

No. We use biodegradable, organic cleaning solutions that are kind to your rugs and the environment.

Q. Can you remove pet odors?

Yes. Our thorough cleaning process eliminates odors and leaves your rug smelling fresh.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

Yes. Our reputation at ABC Rug Cleaning & Repair is based on the quality of our work, and all our rug cleaning and repairs are backed by our guarantee of satisfaction.

Q. How soon can I have my rug back?

We are committed to providing quick turn-around for our customers, but we also want to give every rug the individual attention it requires. We can usually have your rug back to you within one or two days, depending on the extent of any repairs needed.

Q. Do you offer free pick-up and delivery service?

Yes. We provide free rug pick-up and delivery anywhere within the greater New York area.

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